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Non-shareable facets and containers

Dec 05, 2017 at 12:10 PM


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Can somebody explain to me, what is a logic for creating a container, when in the system one unique facet already exists for a customer and it is received as an update for another customer? Why the facet is removed from a first customer and a container is created, if facet is set as non-shareable?

What am I expected to do with these containers? Is there a review process possible and set the facet to one or other customer?

Should I set it as shareable to avoid data loss?

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1 Answer

Keshav Harake Dec 05, 2017 at 01:13 PM
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thanks for your reply. I saw that question before asking mine, but I didn't see an answer explaining, why there is a concept of a container and what shall be done with the containers. In my case, when email is not sharable and I get another contact coming in with the same email, why do I loose an email from both contacts? What do I gain? Why not keeping it to the first contact, if system does not know what to do?

How can I solve the situation? Can I review containers and decide, which customer should get an email that was moved to the containers?




The reason is, because the system cannot unambiguously assign the email address to one of the two contacts.

I'd require some sort of decision mechanism. Since there is currently no manual workflow or tool to leave the decision to a business user (which would be difficult anyway for most of our customer given the number of customer records they deal with) the system automatically removes the address from both records. There might be an option to implement a different behaviour with one of the interaction contact BADIs.





I got it your point ! you're question should be answer by sap only.

I never worked on it ! raised the incident to SAP.