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Freight Condition type is not updating while creating order from BAPI- SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2.

Dec 05, 2017 at 09:14 AM


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Dear Experts,

We are creating sales order from reference Quotation via using FM-BAPI- SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2.
We are able to create Sales Order but with Incompletion log(mandatory pricing condition Z953 is missing )..
This problem is coming for only one order type while creating orders from reference Quotation due to that we compared with others order type and its seems, R/3 system is picking freight condition automatically based on means of transport-type value but for only one order type its not picking freight condition and means of transport value(VBKD-TRATY) value while creating order from reference Quotation..

Please help on this issue..

Thanks and Regards

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3 Answers

G Lakshmipathi
Dec 05, 2017 at 10:25 AM
for only one order type its not picking freight condition and means of transport value(VBKD-TRATY)

Did you check in Analysis screen from the condition tab of that sale order? If so, what you have seen for the freight condition type ?

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Thanks G Lakshmipathi for your reply,

I checked analysis tab for missing condition type and found- Access-025 message-108, condition record exists but has not been set.
Please Check the below attached file.



G Lakshmipathi
Dec 05, 2017 at 12:21 PM

You have not shared the full screen of that message. Below that message, there would be one more details showing which field value is missing. You need to ensure those missing value are taken care of.

For information, system would trigger the error message what you shared in the following cases:-

  • The condition was deleted manually in the item condition screen.
  • The condition record was created after the order.
  • In billing (or when copying orders), certain condition types were not determined in the source document.
  • Pricing Type in copy control is not suitable.
  • In condition type, scale is set, but in condition record, there aren't any scales.

In your case, it is the third one cited above. So you need to ensure it is not because of first two reasons listed above and also no user exits causing the issue.

Search SCN for this issue, as it has been discussed many times here and you can very well take out some inputs from there, if my above explanation is not resolving your issue.

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Dear G Lakshmipathi, below is the full message for incompletion log.

This message tells you that the condition record exists, but has not been set in the document. If pricing was carried out again for the document item, then the condition would be set.
There are different reasons for this:
1.The condition was deleted manually in the item condition screen.
2.The condition record was created later. Please note that order processing and pricing have buffer mechanisms. This means that a newly added condition record might only be found after order processing has been left completely and then started again.

If the condition type is used for subsequent settlement (rebate), there may be subsequent updating of business volume (the agreement is is created retrospectively). The document conditions do not contain the condition record, as the condition record was not created when pricing was carried out. Updating of business volume is carried out using special functions for subsequent settlement.

1.When an item was added, the condition record was accessed with key fields other than change time. This could lead to different results in the requirements check at the time of adding and the change time. This can occur when modifications are made.
2.In billing (or when copying orders): Certain condition types were not determined in the source document (this is usually controlled by the pricing requirements). When creating the document, the document flow (TVCPF,TVCPA) is processed using a pricing type that does not redetermine these condition types, although they are supposed to be called via the requirements.

We found some reason for this issue:
We put breakpoints at userexit_pricing_prepare_tkomp and found inside Include program - FV45PF0P_PREISFINDUNG , there is one Function module- Pricing, in that we found the value of Means of transport -ZZTRATY was not there in Import parameter TKOMK and we passed value manually and its determined missing freight condition type in table

2. Finally we checked at Sales order crate RFC Code and we are already exporting the value of means of transport.
Below is the code,

 lv_traty = p_i_sales_ord_hdr-means_of_transp.

We are exporting above value but its not importing somewhere for only one order type while creating sales order.

Could you guide me, the above value. where is importing ?

Thanks Sandeep


When replying to someone, please use "Comment on this answer" link instead of posting another answer. Th other person will get notified only when a comment is posted on their answer. Seeing additional comments as an answer is also confusing to the readers.

Thank you.


I have not noticed that the OP has updated under Answer which I normally do and advice the members. Now I have converted it to Comment.


To answer the follow-up question: if memory serves, there is no "where used" for memory IDs, so you might have to run a code scan for the respective IMPORT statement or use debugger. Depending on what release you're on, there could be variety of tools available. Ask an ABAPer locally, this is not an SD question. Also try just searching Google "how to find where memory ID used" or similar.

sandeep patel Dec 18, 2017 at 12:09 PM

Issue has been resolved..

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Please share the solution and close the question. See this blog.

Thank you.