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Dec 04, 2017 at 01:49 PM

Which are the prerequisites for "POS_TS" (time series) to use UDF?

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Dear Community,

we're currently trying to implement the UDF functionality at our demo landscape. Based on the SAP recommendations, we used the time series source "POS_TS", but we always got the error "Failed decomposition". Some possible reasons are:

  • The products and locations selected do not exist as active combinations.
  • The products and locations selected do not have an associated demand data necessary to perform the operation

So, I thought, there are not enough e.g. sales data to execute the modelling at UDF.

Then I decided to execute the time series source "POS_VDM", without any problem. But if we want to use e.g. the "analyse forecast app", we have to use the POS_TS source. So this is not a solution.

Meanwhile I know, based on the SAP help sites, that the POS_TS are stored at the table "/DMF/TS_PS", but in our case, the table is empty.

Now my question / problem:

I want to understand; how can I get these "POS_TS" under which conditions? Which are the prerequisites for it? What do I have to customize?

Maybe, some has already the same problem, or can me explain the way to understand this topic.

many thanks



*EDIT 2017-12-06

Meanwhile, I found the following link, which gives a very good overview of the process and data stream:

Based on this sheet, I identify my problem at the staging table /DMF/BI_SALES. If I proceed the POS sales, the system write also an entry to the staging table (so tecnical way seems to be fine), but the entry has directly the flag "E (error)".

On the other hand I saw at the import monitor, that in parallel the system gives an exception for "Missing logical system".

So does someone has an idea for the reason or can give me someone a hint for additional customizing adjustments? Think it's maybe tricky because of the missing BI system and that there are additional customizing points necessary.