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Changed Excise Duty Type

Dear experts,

we have maintained Excise Duty (ED) types for materials based on the sugar percentage (< 0,3 % / > 0,3 %) with respect to legal requirements.

If now there will be a legal change for sugar content from current (< 0,3 % / > 0,3 %) to new percentages (e.g. < 0,4 % / > 0,4 %) we need to assign some materials other ED types based on this legal requirements.

So we need to create new ED type with the relevant tax rate (if this changes).

As of now I could not find a way within SAP standard to do this.

Does anyone have an idea how to arrange this?

How I can assign a material in TCodes TCode /BEV2/EDM2 - Company Code and TCode /BEV2/EDM3 - Plant the new ED Types?

For common understanding:

I do not want to change the tax rate! It is really only because of legal requirement if percentage for higher / lower tax rate is relevant!

Brief example:

Material X has sugar content 0,35 %

Old ED type Z100 is for sugar content > 0,3 % with 0,11 EUR / 100 L

Old ED type Z101 is for sugar content < 0,3 % with 0,09 EUR / 100 L

After legal change we will have a change from 0,3 into 0,4.


New ED type Z099 for sugar content > 0,4 % with 0,13 EUR / 100 L

New ED type Z098 for sugar content < 0,4 % with 0,12 EUR / 100 L

Material X was assigend to ED Type Z100 because of its sugar content 0,35 %.

New ED Type would be Z098.

How can I arrange this?

Is there any SAP standard way?

Currently it seems that this is not forseen.

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards


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