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Mar 12, 2008 at 01:22 PM

opening month calculation


Hi Experts,

In the columns of Query

calander year/month with selection mandatary variable

structure of



-closing month

-turnover rate/month

(formula)turover rate per month =NDIV0 ( ( 'IN (+)' - 'OUT (-)' )%A ' CLOSING MONTH')

This current formula does NOT meet the full requirements of MY CLIENT.

Based on the client requirements, I should have the following formula :

( IN – OUT ) %A

Hence, in the current formula, we miss the ‘Opening Month’.

Definition of the Closing Month.

o Number of Headcount at the end of the Month.

Definition of the Opening Month.

o Number of Headcount at the beginning of the Month.

 in other words, the OPENING MONTH value is exactly the CLOSING MONTH value of the preceeding month.

 Hence, we should be able to build a « Selection », same as the current Closing Month

closing month

-key figure with head count

-action type with not assigned

-employee status with active and inacive restrictions

But, with added by a complementary characteristics :

 0CAL/Year/MONTH, having a special variable with Offset -1.

This variable should take the value of the main variable over (from Calendar Month/Year) ;

calander year/month with selection mandatary.

And used it as value, that select the previous month, thanks to its ‘offset – 1 ‘.

 please analyze this issue, and propose a solution for applying the cleintrequirement in the formula ?

thanks in advance.

With regards,