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Dec 04, 2017 at 08:09 AM

PowerBuilder 12.6



I've a PB Classic 12.6 application which use a DLL written in .NET.
If I use myOLEObject.ConnectToObject('mydll.class') it seems to work pretty well after deploying, but I get an error -3 if I start directly on powerbuilder for debugging the application.

The dll is correctly registered, I also tried to install it in the GAC cache, and even if I can now remove the dll from the deployed project path and run "normally" without errors, I still get error -3 when trying to start the application from Powerbuilder.
I've tried to put the dll in many paths (windows/system32, Program Files\Sybase\PowerBuilder 12.6) but I still get the same error.

What else can I try to make it work also directly from Powerbuilder ?