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Mar 12, 2008 at 08:15 AM

Absence quota default generation through IT2006 & RPTQTA00


Dear Experts

We are using negative time recording.

The issue is: I have a set of absence quota’s like

1. Casual Leaves

2. earned Leaves

3. optional leaves

4. on-site leave

Casual leave and earned leaves are accrued every year and defaulted either through IT2006 or thru RPTQTA00.

Optional leave quota days varies every year based on the public holiday falling on Sat or Sun. and On-site leave quota is provided to employee working on sites or projects away from family (fixed 10days).

When we try and generate quota through 2006, all these leaves come up with its default values and we have to delete the absence quota not required.

Is there a way where we can only have casual leave and earned leave defaulted and rest absence quota can be credited as and when it is required.

Please note we are not using time evaluation and during config in table V_556A_B we have used “no generation”. If I use increase or replace then it gives me an error “You have not selected any generation rules” while generating through RPTQTA00 and zero in case generating manually in 2006.

Thanks in anticipation