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Dropdown Multi select Combo box doesnt display key or Description

Dec 01, 2017 at 04:39 PM


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I have a multiselect combo drop down box, the service does render the values, where as i dont see them in my drop down as shown below:

My annotations is below:

<Annotations Target="ZMM_PO_DASHBOARD1_SRV.PO_Dashboard/StatusH">
<Annotation Term="Common.ValueList">
<Record Type="Common.ValueListType">
<PropertyValue Property="CollectionPath" String="StatusHSet"/>
<PropertyValue Property="SearchSupported" Bool="true"/>
<PropertyValue Property="Parameters">
<Record Type="Common.ValueListParameterOut">
<PropertyValue Property="LocalDataProperty" PropertyPath="StatusHkey"/>
<PropertyValue Property="ValueListProperty" String="StatusHkey"/>
<Record Type="Common.ValueListParameterDisplayOnly">
<PropertyValue Property="ValueListProperty" String="StatusHDesc"/>

The error i see in console is below:

key for ValueListEntitySetName 'StatusHSet' missing! Please check your annotations

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2 Answers

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Selvakumar Mohan Dec 02, 2017 at 08:35 PM

Figured the issue, the field for which the F4 was required name is "StatusH", the entity set created for supplying the F4 didnt have any matching field name as that of "StatusH", they had only "StatusHKey" and "StatusHDesc" hence the mapping didnt work fine.

Rectified the field name in the F4 supplying entity set which resolved the issue.

Thanks for the suggestion, the suggestion did match to the fix which I provided.

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Arjun Biswas Dec 02, 2017 at 03:03 AM

Hi Selvakumar Mohan,

As per my understanding, there is some mistake in your binding. Check your annotations file weather your 'StatusHSet' entity is correctly placed or not.


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