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Created a outbound delivery using VL10, those deliveries numbers are not showing in MD04

Here is the situation:

For one of our customer, we downloading the demands from customer in Va31, and then created delivery using Vl10 for shipment, Usually these delivery notes/ numbers should shown in MD04 shown below are attached


but for material that belongs to one customer these deliveries are not showing up in MD04. -- did some mandatory checks like material master ( avail. check : Individual Requirement) so not sure what is the mistake,

i cannot see the deliveries in VL06F as well ,

Thanks in advance.

deli-in-md04.png (25.3 kB)
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3 Answers

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    Dec 01, 2017 at 07:48 PM

    The SPEEDI cockpit is not from SAP, it is a software of another company, hence I doubt that you can find help to this software from community members here, just in case that the error would be really caused by this software.

    I assume that other deliveries created from this cockpit get displayed in MD04, if that is the case then you should compare the deliveries, best at table level with SE16N to know in which fields you have a difference.

    Especially you should check if the same material in an delivery to another customer is displayed in MD04, as this would basically rule out the option that it is caused by a different value in the material master.

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    • Jurgen I agree, but please below,

      1. Deliveries are not created using speedi - we use standard SAP transaction VL10 and create them with reference to

      Schedule Agreement VA31.

      2. Yes other deliveries created for all sold to parties are show in MD04 except for my sold to party -- i will check SE16

      3. I tested as you suggested, i can see the delivery in MD04 with different sold to party - so my material master is perfectly correct,

      So only issue is with the customer i would like to understand how customer or sold to party is related to deliveries and MD04.

      No speedi is involved here its all the standard SAP.

      Thank you ,


  • Dec 01, 2017 at 03:53 PM

    are you certain that the deliveries got created at all? do you see them in document flow of your sales order?

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    • Jurgen, Deliveries got created,i can see them in Vl02n, but not in MD04, and we dont use VA01, all we do is download the call off's in VA31 and then create delivery VL10, and we use SPEEDI cockpit for shipment process ( which will run, Vl02n, VT02n, Picking , packing )

  • Dec 01, 2017 at 04:53 PM

    Have a look at OSS note 1649669

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    • Hello Lakshmipathi,

      Thank you , but unfortunately we cannot access to SNOTE, it would you help for me and people like me if you can copy and paste it there , only if possible