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Mar 12, 2008 at 03:12 AM

MDM ABAP API for Retrieve - can we get the associated recordids or keys


This question is to the MDM ABAP API resources. I have reviewed the MDM ABAP APIs, and the associated How-To documents. Also I was able to connect to a Repository , do a Query MDM ABAP API, and using the record-ids retrieved , was able to execute the Retrieve mdm abap apis.

For example : to execute the method below, I am providing a set of record-ids in the lt_keys and the fields to be retrieved in the lt_result_set_definition .

CALL METHOD lr_api->mo_core_service->retrieve


iv_object_type_code = 'Products'

it_result_set_definition = lt_result_set_definition

it_keys = lt_keys


et_result_set = lt_result_set.

once the api is executed the lt_result_set contains data for the fields specified in the lt_result_set_definition for the lt_keys .

I would like to know which recordid is associated with which set of data retrieved.

Is there a way to specify in the lt_result_set_definition that we would like to retrieve the recordids also ?

If not is there any other way to identify the associated record-id with the above retrieved information ?

Thanks for your help with this question.

Siva K.