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BW-IP : Infoprovider locked issue in AO workbook

Dec 01, 2017 at 06:49 AM


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Hi SAP Expert,

We have planning solution developed using BI-IP RSPLAN and AO workbook is front end to enter planned values. Planning workbook was working fine 1 week back.

Though we have started getting error - " Data in Info Provider <Cube name> is locked by user <my own user ID>." There is no other workbook session already opened in system by any other user locking cube.

I am only user who has opened this workbook.

Planning sequence has below steps:

1. Lock/Enqueue

2.Calculate plan values


Steps to open workbook

1. Workbook always opens in READ mode

2. Click on WRITE button to make workbook input ready and enter plan values

3. Click on SAVE button and error comes - " Data in Info Provider <Cube name> is locked by user <my own user ID>."

Any idea on this issue?

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1 Answer

Gregor Dieckmann
Dec 01, 2017 at 04:39 PM

Hi Dinesh,

it is unclear what you do in 1 - 3 since if you execute a planning function using AO the function runs in the existing user session and in one user session you cannot lock yourself. What do you mean with 1 and 3? If you rund a function using AO the system automatically calls enqueue and dequeue only after 'SAVE'.

You can check easily what happens: check an external break-point in CL_RSPLS_ENQ, ENQUEUE and check the exception case (lock conflict); check that the I_AREA value is one user session is always the same. If not then there is an issue how AO creates the so called OLAP area (should only be one per user session). But observe that two open AO workbooks create one OLAP area, respecively. In other words with two open workbooks you can lock yourself.



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