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Mar 11, 2008 at 10:08 AM

Unidentified error in Portal for user Guest


Dear SDN Community,

I realy need your help on the following. We have allot of entries in our Alert Log in NWA.

Normaly we can find the solution based on the description in the error message but for this error we cannot.

The error is logged very frequently (almost every 2 minutes).

See the following for details...


Severity: error

Date: 2008-03-06

Time: 14:37:36:774

User: Guest

Message: Exception ID:02:37_06/03/08_0739_126043651

Category: /System/Server



Thread: SAPEngine_Application_Thread[impl:3]_2

Data Source: /usr/sap/<our SID>/JC12/j2ee/cluster/server1/log/system/server.log

Message ID: 3E253000400B0065000004ED0023D06C000447C4D737FB4C

Argument Objects: n/a

Arguments: n/a

DSR Component: n/a

DSR Transaction: 7bb0c350eb8211dcad123e253000400b

DSR User: n/a

Message Code: n/a

Session: 0

Transaction: n/a

Host: <our host name of the server>

System: <our SID>

Instance: 12

Node: Server 1 12_60436


What can it be??? Thanks in advance!!!

Benjamin Houttuin