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How can I use CREATE_DEEP_ENTITY method to upload multiple files?

Hello All,

I have designed a SAPUI5 screen where I need to upload multiple files along with multiple table entries into the SAP Backend system. I was able to SAVE table entries using CREATE_DEEP_ENTITY but could not find any solution to upload multiple files using this method.
I am aware of CREATE_STREAM method which is used for file upload but in my case I cannot use it because I need to submit the payload in a single batch operation in order to complete my workflow.

One possible way would be to return a status flag from CREATE_DEEP_ENTITY and then call CREATE_STREAM subsequently but this will only increase the complications in my workflow.

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2 Answers

  • Dec 04, 2017 at 10:50 AM

    Hi Ajay,

    You need to call this method inside the batch operation method. Check methods where you can add the logic. Redefine methods :

    /IWBEP/IF_MGW_APPL_SRV_RUNTIME~CHANGESET_BEGIN. ( it_operation_info -> Use this parameter to call deep entity method, operation_type you can call here)




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  • Dec 26, 2017 at 05:05 AM

    As far as I know upload of multiple files/media entities/streamed data is not possible via Deep Create method because the file contents is transferred as a raw stream/xtring data. If you use a POST call and encapsulate all the files for upload in a single attempt, you cannot upload files with diffirent formats because the ContentDisposition header will be unique. Further read -

    Also , how are you planning to handle the file upload in case of creation/save of table entires fails? You need to have a handshaking mechnaism between table entry creation and file upload since it looks like file upload is dependent on the table entry creation status. Think about it.

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