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Mar 11, 2008 at 12:52 AM

Using FOX code and to select cube entry


Hi gurus,

I'm using the 'Call funciton' in my FOX code to derive the current date using the FM 'RS_VARI_V_TODAY', so I can use it as my key date in selecting an entry in my cube to get the currency type.

For example to make it simple, let's assume my function module derives the current date as 01/19/2008.

And my cube has the following entries:

**Datefrom Dateto Currency type

01/01/2008 01/15/2008 MEUR

01/16/2008 01/28/2008 MGBP

My question is, how do i construct my FOX code:

1) derive current date from that FM, and

2) based on this date, how do I make it read the 'datefrom' and the 'dateto' to make sure it selects the right entry from the cube (MGBP) .