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Safety days supply is not showing up in planning book

Dec 02, 2017 at 09:45 AM


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Hello All,

I am new to SNP area, we are facing a issue that Safety Stock for materials is set for 15 days supply at product loc level but this is not showing up in APO planning book.issue is for particular plant only and this plant was newly configured.

at loc level shipping calendar and receiving calendar also maintained.

planning book is a customized one and its coming up in daily bucket view and also in snp standard planning book.

Can someone please help me if i am missing something at configuration level.



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Jan 15 at 05:49 PM

Hello Kishore,

Please check the master data settings you are using and try on a SAP standard Planning Book / Data view.

Also, please check:

Safety Days' Supply

Supply Network Planning (SNP), Capable-to-Match (CTM), and Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS) can take into account the safety days' supply during planning with the non-period-based (static) safety stock methods SZ and SM.

In SNP, the safety days' supply specifies the number of workdays over which the system has to take into account future demands when planning safety stock. For example, if the safety days' supply is three days, the safety stock has to cover the demands for the next three workdays. SNP also takes into account decimal places (a safety days' supply of 2.5 days, for instance). The system uses the location's shipping calendar to determine the working times.

With the period-based (dynamic) safety stock methods MZ and MM, you do not enter the safety days' supply in the location product master; instead, you enter it directly in the planning table for interactive planning in the relevant periods.

With the safety stock method MM, the SNP optimizer only takes account of independent requirements, and dependent demands and distribution demands that are caused by fixed orders, since these demands and demand locations are already known before the optimization run.

Target Stock Level Method

The target stock level method is only considered during heuristic-based planning (and not optimization-based planning). The target stock level represents a value that is to be reached by the available stock on hand during planning.

The following methods are available:

• No entry: The system derives the target stock level from the target days' supply that is specified in the location product master.

• 1-3: The system derives the target stock level from the target days' supply specified in interactive SNP (time-based maintenance), or uses the target stock level that is entered there.

• 4-6: To determine the target stock level, the system uses the value specified in the Maximum Stock Level field in conjunction with the safety stock or target days' supply specified in the location product master.

• 7: The system does not take any target stock level into account.

More details at:

Thank you.

Werner Hansen

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