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Mar 10, 2008 at 08:12 PM

SF's Footer


Hi all,

My SF's footer is created in form of template which has 8 lines of data, and preferably display at the end of the page.

Before the footer, it is a Main Window which loops a table.

I have problem in displaying it.

If Footer in under the Main Window's Table, and Table is initial. Footer is displayed at the middle of my page as the Table has no items.

If Footer is after the Main Windows. The Problem is the size of Main Window. I fix the height of the Main window. After this height, I set the Footer right after the Main Window. If so, when items displayed reaches the height allowed, it jumps to 2nd page. So in my page, half of the page contains of the items (loop from table), whereas half of the page at bottom is empty (because my footer is large footer, abt 8 lines, I reserve enough height for this footer window).

If there anyway that I can have a tidy display? I can display as many items as A4 page allow, and when coming to the end of items, I display the Footer. But if no item is displayed, Footer will not goes to middle of the page and get that displayed. And it should go to end of page.