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Mar 10, 2008 at 03:56 PM

Implement an new model without making a reinitialization


Hello friends

I will try to explain my scenario....

An existing stock model is running since 2 years.

All stock movements are extracted (no restriction in the INIT infopackage) everyday. But some material types are excluded (by a Start Routine) before the ODS level 1.

2 year after , my customer want to create a BW stock model for certains materials (thoses which are excluded from the "old" BW stock model). The objectives are :

-Do not change the old model (so i created an other ODS level 1- i'm ok its not the "good" way)

-No new Initialization for the Old Stock model (too much datas)

The problem is i can not create a new init for my target ODS (because i ts the same selection). I cannot use Full upload

Do you have any idea to implement my new model without making a reinitialization (if it happen in Productive system i can search an new mission 😊

AN idea perhaps is using repair request ? but i never use it

Thank a lot