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Mar 10, 2008 at 10:01 AM

How to develop Routine for pricing


Dear all,

I want to create MRP based pricing.

In MRP based pricing all calculations are done by backward.For that i have to develop one formula which contains Multiplication & division, so for that i have to develop routine, how we define routine?

Is there any std. routine is available for MRP based pricing?

I explain the detail senario as follows:

My invoice value is 1000 which contains all the inclusive price containing Freight,P& F,Sales tax(CST or VAT),& Excise Duty which is calculated on based of MRP (67% of MRP Value-Assessable Value)

When i want to calculate 5% P&F which is already included in pricing for that i have to develop one formula for that like (A=Inv. Value * (100/100 + P&F=5))=A=952.38 . Inv Value = 1000

After this calculation I got the correct value for P&F like

Invoice Value- A (Which is calculated)=1000-952.38=47.62

same formulla i want to use for CST,VAT & Freight.

so i can calculate exact sales revenue value.

So plz send me some information about the same.

Also sed me how to develop the routine?

Thanks & Regards,