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missing security context

In our NW portal 7.4, we are trying to employ a a custom designed self service registration page. We have updated our authschemes.xml to include the below section:

<authscheme name="xxxxx">






<frontendtarget>PCD path to iView</frontendtarget>


What happens, instead, is that the user is presented with an NW Java/portal error with the accompanying defaultTrace entry. Any thoughts?

#EP-PIN-PRT#tc~epbc~prtc~api#C000C782C9CC03000000000200005964#7286850000000004#sap.com/com.sap.portal.runtime.system.hooks#com.sap.portal.prt.runtime#Guest#0##0A7C001C960F11E6B79B0000006F3042#0a7c001c960f11e6b79b0000006f3042##0#Thread[HTTP Worker [@577419486],5,Dedicated_Application_Thread]#Plain##
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Missing security context yyyy
at com.sap.engine.interfaces.security.auth.LoginContextFactory.getLoginContext(LoginContextFactory.java:36)
at com.sap.security.core.logon.imp.SAPJ2EEAuthenticator.logon(SAPJ2EEAuthenticator.java:876)

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