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Mass Update of field MBEW-VERPR (Moving price)

Using batch input the system is creating document for each line.

The reason why the system is creating the document for each and every line is because we specify the date, company code and plant for each line. I wanted to know if is there any way to create header data (date, company code, plant) and item data (material and new price) in Batch Input LSMW to update the price of the materials?

Because I just need one document for all the materials I am updating

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2 Answers

  • Dec 02, 2017 at 04:28 PM

    Thanks for your answer.

    I was trying to create 2 structures in batch input but It was a mistake. Having 2 structures could be very easy because the first structure I could put the company code, plant and date and in the second structure I could put the material and the new price, the same way we use when we create PO lsmw using BAPI or direct input.

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  • Nov 30, 2017 at 10:16 PM

    your statement in the first line is incorrect.

    If I use a standard batch input e.g. RM07MMBL for goods movements then it is very well possible to have some hundred lines in one document.

    And even with batch input recording (second bullet in step 1 of LSMW, which is probably the thing you mean) it is possible to post multiple lines at once into one document, but it makes usually not much sense, because a recording is static and not flexible. If you record 5 lines (because you dont see more than that in your window) then you always have to supply values for all 5 lines, otherwise the posting will fail.

    A price change creates financial postings, the financial document can only take 999 items. Depending on the item lines created for a single price change you have to divide the 999 by the number of FI item lines of single change to know the maximum number of materials you could put into one document. If you have more materials than this number then you anyway get more documents and not just 1.

    From this point of view it does not make much sense to think about a way to get all into one document. What is at all the reason behind this desire? And is it really that important to think for days how to achieve it when the most obvious and quickest way could be done in minutes.

    A standard batch input does not exist for price changes. So you either have the recording way or the BAPI method BUS1016.

    A meaningful recording means 1 price change 1 document, the BAPI means an unknown number of materials (max 999) per 1 document, but several documents if the number of materials exceeds this limit. Still the BAPI is not a sure-fire success. You either have to prepare your source file accordingly or you need some ABAP knowledge and a much deeper LSMW knowledge.

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