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Daily Inventory Snapshot - similar to 2LIS_03_BF - BW xtractor in CAR HANA views

Oct 19, 2016 at 03:02 PM


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Hi Experts,

We have CAR HANA system in our landscape with FMS(ECC) data being SLT replication to the CAR HANA DB.

The requirement is to have the daily inventory snapshot with capability of backpostings and all inventory movements to be tracked including transfer in , transfer out, on hand quantity, Gross Adjustment Qty , PO on-order quantity and Allocation qty.

I know that 2LIS_03_BF BW extractor has all this capability and can provide day level snapshot of these inventory quantities. But we donot have this setup/not using BW for this.

Question : How to bring this kind of structure or information model using HANA views(CAR HANA live content) . If you can provide some lead or how to model architecture it would be great !

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3 Answers

Frédéric Cincet Oct 21, 2016 at 11:41 AM

Hi Prasana,

You have a Hana live view to obtain the current stock values. See here.

If you really want a snapshot, you can copy the content of this view to a new table. A daily copy will give you a daily vision of your stock.



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Thanks Frederic. But it couldn't provide stock or inventory details similar to what BW can give 2LIS_03_BF, including the stock in-transit, stock to be delivered, On order PO quantity, Stock Transfer and Stock Adjustments etc.

Where do I get such type of inventory movement related stocks ?? (lets say like how MSEG table has differentiation of inventory movement types). Is there any view similar to that ??


I would want something like below snapshot

Please let me know if you can help me

capture.jpg (32.2 kB)
Frédéric Cincet Oct 28, 2016 at 07:24 AM

Is it not all you need ?

There is some other views about stocks but still, you may have some work to adjust them to your needs.



capture.png (18.8 kB)
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Thanks Frederick. This view was useful and looks to have most , but I don't think all the material movements from MSEG is been captured here. So I think we need to create a new view that will answer our questions

Avik Mazumder Jun 14, 2017 at 05:05 AM


We had almost similar requirement and we achieved the same using following HANA design approach.

I have no information what is your landscape looks like. However,assumption is Your CAR box back end DB and ECC back end DB both are integrated in a single HANA DB may be different schema and synonyms present.

Now your CAR box will hold your Till sales(POSDM) what ever is the middle ware or end software in till,finally all stock sales are posted in TLOGUS table on CAR box.Now these sales receipt are posted back to ECC in two ways( Aggregated sales data WPUUMS) and WPUBON -sales transaction at detailed level). WPUUMS comes to ECC at day end (so you do not have real time picture of inventory) and WPUBON comes to ECC say every 15 minutes interval(Here also you do not have real time picture of inventory).

To mitigate this challenge,

We adopted external hana CDS view approach for CAR stock view. POS to CAR box sales are replicated on real time via SLT mechanism.

We created a custom CDS external view on TLOGUS table( Why-> to enable this CDS view exposed to outside world)it caters to the unprocessed sales data.( sale happened at Till but not yet posted to ECC and stock is not yet revaluated)

Next we created custom CDS views in ECC world (complicated one)with detail level tables like all stock related table joins etc.

Finally we present this combined information into a final CDS view.( This view can be quiried by middle ware .eg. BODS).

It works fine and live in production environment giving a real time picture to the stores for stock on hand.



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