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Mar 07, 2008 at 11:12 PM

VC Model Transport to QA from Dev



I have a model that I created on DEV and deployed with "deploy model with PAR" checked. Also created a role from this iView. I have also transported the model and the iView+role from DEV to QA using transport package export/import mechanism. As expected my iViews won't work anymore on QA portal.

I have researched on SDN and found few forum postings regarding this issue. The resolution was to download and upload the par files from DEV to QA. I went in to Sys Admin -> Support -> Browse Deployment and searched to find the par files without luck. I found all my com.mycompany.QKW.My_Sales_iView folders but they don't have .par or .par.bak extension. I tried downloading them and adding the .par extension and later uploaded them onto QA but the upload fails as its the not really a par file.

Where do I go in Sys Admin -> Support -> Browse Deployment to find all my par files deployed using VC?

Thank you,