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Mar 07, 2008 at 04:40 PM

Need help on restoring CI of Portal


Hello, all

We have a QA Portal system which is consisted of one DB server, one CI, and one DI server.

after CI server was formatted for a restore from the tape, Somehow, we lost the backup tape of the for the CI server.

the DB server was restore successfully from the tape and the DI server is intact.

I am wondering what's the options I have now for bringing the CI back:

1. Do a new installation on CI. This sounds doable, however, I am not exactly clear about what's the following steps? How to restore those file system level stuff on CI?

2. Do a complete system copy from production system to QA system. This will use the Prod database thus will be more adjustment work involved.

Options 2 looks more straightfoward and option one is less work. But I am leaning toward option one. But can you shed more light on the detail steps I need for option 1?

Thanks a lot!