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Will SAP change SAPUI5 as front-end framework for SAP Fiori apps in future?

It has been 4 years since SAPUI5 is being used as front-end MVC framework for SAP Fiori apps. Is SAP is going to continue with SAPUI5 lets say for next 10 years, with keeping in mind the fact that UI technologies changes rapidly outside the SAP world.

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  • Posted on Nov 29, 2017 at 11:29 AM


    First, I would move this discussion to the Coffee corner page.

    Second, no one knows what the future holds and the rapid technological advancement makes it hard to know what tomorrow might bring.

    If you want to look on the direct predecessor (not exactly direct, but you get what I mean) to get an historic data on the trends (which should be looked at as such and not more - advancements are exponentially faster) the WDA is still running in many companies (production level) and it is out there since 2005 (NetWeaver 7.0).

    However, some places run Cobol software and MainFrame architecture, so basically you can see that it's a part of an organization decision with so many other factors (will SAP provide support, budget, line of business etc.).

    My two cents are that it's based on your organization and what you call SAPUI5 is very broad and has changed dramatically since it's inception (for example the introduction of manifest) so the concept could be here in 10 years time as SAPUI6/7/8/JS etc.

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  • Posted on Dec 04, 2017 at 01:31 PM

    Agree with Iftah, SAP UI5 gets the name from HTML5, so I guess with the new advance of technology the name would enhance but the underlying technology remains same.

    When you say Fiori apps, it will remain UI5 as frontend technology. But yes if you have come across the latest technologies on use of annotations on CDS, you would have noticed that UI5 coding is getting reduced day by day and its more shifting from developer to customer side. Wherein the apps will be self configured, easily extensible with drag and drop layout and more hifi stuffs, which will reduce code writing and will move to something which can be easily created. Time is what matters today. In order to get one app created and waste 30 days, executive will want to configure himself and get it done in hours or minutes. :)

    I hope I answered.



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    • Yes, I totally got your point, I have been into Fiori app development since 2015 and developed all the apps which are not very much controlled by back-end, but now due to the introduction of annotations and other advanced features provided for Fiori apps, it has become the necessity to have knowledge about back-end also.