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SAP QM Can't Cancel Good Receipt material QI stock

Dear SAP Expert,

I have a case where :

1. I execute  GR material as QI stock through MIGO (Mvt 101) without inspection lot because inspection type has not been set in material master .
2. I add master data inspection type 01 in material master 
3. I canceled GR and there was error "Change the inspection stock of material (Material number) in QM only". Stock still in Quality Inspection and Invoice has been canceled.

Alternative solutions that have been tested :
1. Disable inspection type in master material and do MIGO cancellation.
The result = still appear error Change the inspection stock of material (Material) in QM only. Meanwhile inspection type 05 can't be disabled 

2. Implement SAP notes 48815 - Checking possible inconsistencies between MM and QM
The result = still appear error Change the inspection stock of material (Material) in QM only.

What is the best solution for this case?

Thanks before

Anita A.

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3 Answers

  • Dec 04, 2017 at 06:44 PM

    Delete the 01 inspection type in the material master. Process the stock to unrestricted stock.

    Turn your 01 inspection type back on.

    You shouldn't make and changes/additions to inspection types unless QI stock is totally empty. i.e zero. Also, any existing inspection lots must be fully processed, i.e. a UD and of course, all stock posted out of QI.

    I'm a bit confused by your posting because I'm not sure exactly what you want the final state of your system to be. 01 active or inactive?

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  • Dec 04, 2017 at 03:08 PM

    Dear Anita

    Could you tell us what funcion you used in the second step? MM02 or QA08?


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  • Dec 08, 2017 at 01:17 PM

    I went into transaction SE91, entered the message QA142 and clicked Where-used and found just 1 program: LQPLSI01

    Knowing German language would help too ;-)

    For deactivation SAP is basically checking whether the inspection type is referenced in a quality info record and if this is not the case then it checks if you have Q-stock. Which is the case as you said you posted your stock into quality while QM was not active.

    The German comment then explains "if there is Q-stock it can be ASSUMED that inspection lots exists" and then the error QA142 is triggered.

    Remains the question why SAP can ASSUME that inspection lot exists.

    I scrolled a little up in the coding and saw the section for Activation, and here is a routine that checks if you have Q-stock while you try to activate quality inspection. And if you have (which should be your case) then SAP is automatically creating inspection lots for this quantity.

    If that fails then you would also get QA142 and you could not activate the inspection type.

    As you have activated it, i hope you did not do it with the help of the debugger or other ABAP tools, you should have those inspection lots.

    Inspection lots are stored in table QALS. Use SE16N and check if you have records in that table for your material number.

    Let us know what you found

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    • Hai Mr. Jurgen,

      Thanks for help. I still wonder if there is inspection stock from Mvt 101 ( inspection type 001) but why I can't deactivated inspection type 005 ( I use inspection type 005 for Mvt 501 ) with error message QA142 ?

      Thanks and regards

      Anita A.