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Mar 07, 2008 at 11:09 AM

Validation and displaying error message on screen as link to that field



I am trying to do validation checking on DropdownByIndex UI element but it is not working properly.

The scenario is , if the dropdown is left blank the error message will be displayed on screen as link and that dropdown will be marked in red and when you will click on that error message link it will take you to the drop down.

This is working fine with all inputfields other than DropdownByIndex

I can display the error message on screen but it is not coming as link and the dropdown is not marked in red.

I am using the method report_attribute_error_message of message manager,

here is the code sniplet :

CALL METHOD l_message_manager->report_attribute_error_message


message_text = l_error_text

element = l_element (dropdown context element)

attribute_name = 'Attribute Name'. (context attribute name)

Please help me in this regard.

Thanks in advance,