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Error on test dispatcher

Dec 01, 2017 at 02:02 PM


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Please help me with this error when i try test a new dispatcher:


Paul Pedroza

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3 Answers

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Edison Borrero Jan 12 at 07:17 PM

The problem was Sybase ASE. I re-deployed all Dispatcher configuration over MS SQL Server and the Dispatcher work without issues.


Paul Andres Pedroza Martinez

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I had same issue 6 months ago with same system configuration - IdM8+Sybase ASE.

You can try enable one of the tasks (e.g. housekeeping) and the dispatcher will be started.

We raised the ticket to SAP but got no solution, then we swtiched the database to MSSQL in the end.

Matt Pollicove
Dec 01, 2017 at 03:04 PM

Well it looks like this dispatcher name is already being used.

I would check the MMC console and installed services

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for your answer.

I already tried it but not working for me. I do re-deployed the SAPJVM_8 package and this fixed the error that you see on the image. Other side, i uninstalled IDM fully and recreate the Data Base, reinstall IDM and the error continue. What happen?

In following image you can see that i run dispatcher test for first time after reinstall IDM and log show the same warning:

Should I check something in the Windows registry?




There's nothing stored in the registry as far as I know. I'd probably open a ticket on this.


Edison Borrero Feb 14 at 07:54 PM

Hi Steffi,

I am back again. Thanks for your reply. You are right, i will mark this issue like solved, but before i like to do a input with the real solution for my initial issue with Dispatchers on IDM over Sybase ASE.

I open a support case with SAP for this and the solution was, download the "SAP Sybase ASE 16.0 SDK PL04" or more old, install it on the IDM Server (in place where dispacthers will run), and after, in the settings of the Dispatcher Utility call the JDBC Driver for ASE from the folder path where the SDK was deployed. Only restart Dispatcher Utility and after, start or recreate the Dispatcher.

This work fine for me.

The packages that i tried were:

"SDKASE160000P_3-21012005" (PL03)

"SDKASE160000P_4-21012005" (PL04)

Both work.

Best regards,

Paul Andres Pedroza Martinez

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