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Get feedback from the user right after SAP login

Rather a "cardboard programmer" question. :)

We need to do something to capture the feedback from the SAP users when they login. The feedback expected is a very short survey along the lines of "How do you rate your SAP team from 1 (awesome) to 10 (super awesome)".

There is a user exit available (one of the many old posts) and so far the plan is to just call a screen there and then capture the answers in a Z table. We'll also need to do this only once, so as soon as the user answers that screen should not be displayed anymore. I'm thinking this could be captured by the profile setting, just like other "Do not show this screen" items in SAP. The feedback will be later analyzed for some project but after that it won't be needed anymore, I believe.

The question is: does this approach sound OK to you or do you see any holes in this plan or any better options? We'd prefer to keep it simple though, so calling some survey site APIs would be an overkill.

Thank you!

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  • Update: still have not implemented this (never got a go-ahead from the management) but I'm closing the question since it's too old.

    While prototyping, I confirmed that it's the right user exit and the suggestion by Raymond provides a nice option for the users to navigate away from the pop-up (vs. having to interact with it if it's called straight in the user exit).

    Thank you, all!

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    Dec 04, 2017 at 01:24 PM

    I would also start the survey in a new mode (some would always be available if called at logon) with some call of

      call function 'ABAP4_CALL_TRANSACTION' 
        starting new task 'SURVEY'
        destination 'NONE'
          tcode                 = <t-code>
          communication_failure = 1  message msg_text
          system_failure        = 2  message msg_text.

    So user has the option to do the urgent stuff before filling (or closing) the survey.

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  • Dec 01, 2017 at 01:35 AM

    Oh, an opinion question! Love those :)

    The technical approach appears to be simple and sound.

    I'm just not sure, whether right-after-logon is the best moment to ask for filling out a questionnaire. Some folks seem to actually want to do some work when they log on to their SAP system and the survey would probably be perceived as spam...

    Also, assuming you would have something like a "not now - ask again later" button, then this pop up would appear every time the user logs in - and to come back and actually do the survey users would have to log out and log in again.

    That seems a bit heavy-handed to me, let alone the efforts to push this whole setup into production.

    Why not simply use something like survey monkey or google forms or so and send an email/inbox document with a link to all SAP users?

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