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Mar 06, 2008 at 10:30 AM

CCMS configuration question - more than one sapccmsr agent on one server


Hello all,

this might be a newbie question, please excuse:

We have several SAP systems installed on AIX in several LPARs. SAP aplication server and SAP database is always located in different LPARs, but one LPAR can share application server of several SAP systems or databases of several SAP systems.

So I want to configure SAPOSCOL and CCMS-Agents (sapccmsr) on our databse LPARS. SAPOSCOL is running - no problem so far. Due to the circumstance that we have DBs for SAP systems with kernel 4.6d, 6.40 (nw2004), 7.00 (nw2004s) I want to use two different CCMS-Agents (Version 6.40 non-unicode to connect to SAP 4.6d and 6.40 + Version 7.00 unicode to connect to SAP 7.00).

AFAIK only one of these can use shared memory segment #99 (default) - the other one has to be configured to use another one (e.g. #98) but I don't know how (could'nt find any hints on OSS + Online Help + CCMs-Agent manual).

Any help would be appreciated



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