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Where is it best to create Webi reports, a development environment or the production environment?

Nov 29, 2017 at 06:39 PM


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We are in the process of implementing the use of universes and Web Intelligence reports. In regards to those people creating and developing Webi reports: Are people creating and developing within the same production environment users are viewing reports or are Webi reports being created in a "development" environment and being promoted to the production environment?

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Edwin Vargas

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Nov 29, 2017 at 06:59 PM

standard reports should follow the process of developing reports from Dev and subsequent move to Production.

In case of Adhoc reorts users can create reports in Production and save in my favourites or some adhoc folder.

This is more about how access is controlled and practice followed in company

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Manikandan Elumalai Dec 11, 2017 at 04:53 PM

Developing reports in Dev and cascading it across Test, QA & finally production are traditional way as per standard SDLC process.

Now in Self service era, Organizations pushing every BI user as power/super users so that they will create the report by themselves in production environment without relying on Developers. Once they got what they really need the same content can be shared across multple users who need similar information.

Please note these reports are not tuned for performance as well as as per design guidelines. However this elimates the necessity for the steps like requirement gathering, Technical design, data mapping, documentation.

Once the Adhoc report is accepted by multiple users the report needs to be back migrated to Dev and modified as per Design guidelines and then to Q for Performance tuning Finally to production for corporate usage.

In my opinion, you should have balanced approach between Developers & Power users and most importantly Administrators who is doing BI content movement across the environments. Hope this helps.



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Edwin Vargas Mar 09 at 05:59 PM

We decided to create folders within BI Lauchpad which only the power users are able to see and they can only write to one common folder. Once the power user has a report which they want published, they inform the administrators and we publish the report for all users to utilize.

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