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Sybase ASE client installed

Nov 29, 2017 at 02:12 PM


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I have installed sybase ASE client in one linux server to extract the data .

i am able to extract but 3 records/second. i have to extract 1 lakhs records from some location. using the same client i am able to extract 100 records per/second.

I can i improve/increase the performance in extracting the data from sybase client?

Please help on this? how can i get



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1 Answer

Dawn Kim
Dec 04, 2017 at 08:25 PM


3 records a second sound super slow. This could be many things but I need to make sure I understand the question.
Okay so you are saying that one ASE is slow and the other is fast with the same client running on a Linux machine?

In this application is it using bcp?
Is this application just retrieving one row at a time?
Are you having to convert charsets? (This can cause a performance issue, are the ASE's both using the same charset? sp_helpsort)
Are the ASE's the same version? (select @@version)
It could be the one ASE has a bad plan.

Is this related to your network? If you do a ping or a tracert to each machine so you can see if it's your network causing the performance issue.

Dawn Kim

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