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Mar 06, 2008 at 05:05 AM

costing run Issue


Hi costing Gurus,

I am having a multilevel BOM for eg. A (FERT) -> B (HALB) -> C (HALB) -> D (HALB) -> E (HALB) -> F (ROH).

All Halb have the procurement type "X" and in a month I can purchase F and produce my FG or purchase E and produce my FG or purchase D and produce my FG.

The issue is,

When I do costing run, then system always takes the price of mat. F and different stage conversion cost posting the same to FG even if we did't purchase mat.F in that month.

My requirement is,

1. In a multi level BOM, if I purchase any halb then costing should automatically start from this purchase mat and run till FG.

2. If I purchase two materials eg D and E in a month then system should do costing run from mat. E but for D it should take purchase price and update in mat. master and run till FG.

3. In one particular month, I am purchasing mat. F and producing E,D,C and B but not A (fert) then costing should start from F and run till B and for A only previous mat. master price should be updated for current price after costing run.

I am noting costing Guy pls guide me.