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Mar 05, 2008 at 01:27 PM

Driver program as direct start, need print dialog.


Hi ABAPer´s,

i have a Form which is beeing printed from application.

We have a position message in VA02/VA03. When we print that position message all is fine.

a second requirement was to make the driver program able for direkt start.

Means i coded a selection screen, where the user provides MATNR and WERKS.

After validations the class of the material is beeing selected and the parts of the configuration should be displayed.

Same like in the start throuh application, with the difference that when starting through the application you need to get the matnr and werks from your position of the order.

anyway this all works.

Only problem i have when going for direct start i dont get any print dialog where i can imput printer or such.

What happens if i make a direct start? well it works but i only get a print preview, and in between no dialog where i do tell the system that i dont want a preview but a real print out.

Problem here is, that i copied the stadard driver program for orders RVORDER01.

I didnt copy the includes as well.

And now in the routine FORM_OPEN there is a SAP include RVADOPFO.

In this include there is the START-FORM statement. but since it is in SAP name room i´,m not allowed to modify here anything.

does anyone have any idea how i could get a print dialog when making a direkt start?

or does anyone know if i have just to fill some NAST fields to get a real print out?

any help or ideas belonging this are welcome.

Tanks for your time