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Header Condition & Group Condition..


Please explain in detail..Header Condition & Group Condition..



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3 Answers

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    Mar 05, 2008 at 10:43 AM

    Header Conditions

    Automatic pricing does not take header conditions into account; you can not create condition records for them in the standard system. Header conditions are entered manually in order processing. R/3 includes the following header conditions:

    • Percent discount (HA00)

    • Absolute discount (HB00)

    • Freight (HD00)

    • Order value (HM00)

    Header Condition:If this condition is marked as a header condition, it is possible to enter the condition type in the header condition screen. Checks for changing the condition manually are unaffected by this.

    Group Condition

    Group conditions are helpfull incase of discounts.if f group condition is selected then the discount percentage or quantity is applicable for the total sum of the quantity in the PO for those materials belonging to the same material group.

    Suppose if two materials of same matl grp have discounts for 100 qty and above but in PO if the two matls are bieng procured for 50 qty then they cant avail discounts but if group condition is selected then the sum of the quantity of both matl of same matl group is considered(50 + 50) and discount can be availed for 100 qty.

    Furtehr Group condition: Indicates whether the system calculates the basis for the scale value from more than one item in the document.

    Hope this clarifies ur doubt.

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    Mar 05, 2008 at 10:54 AM


    Hope you are asking about the fields in V/06..

    Header condition:

    Can enter the value at Header level

    This condition type can be changed manually at document header level. ie. you can change the value of the condition at header data -- conditions

    Group condition

    When the header condtion and also group condition are activated the value entered at header will be duplicated to all items.

    Say for example . you have activated both field in one condition say discount (amount).

    and entering the value as 100 INR in header in the sales order with 3 line items then each item will given with 100 INR. and total condtion value at header will be 300 INR...

    If you are not activated the header condition field...

    group condition will be used in calculating the scale basis...


    A sales order contains two items. Both items belong to the material group 01.

    Material Quantity Material group

    A 150 01

    B 100 01

    The group condition indicator is set in the definition of the condition type for material group discounts. The condition record for material group 01 includes the following pricing scale:

    Scale quantity Discount

    from 1 pc -1%

    from 200 pc -2%

    Neither item alone qualifies for the 2% discount. However, when the items are combined as part of a group condition, the combined quantity creates a basis of 250 pieces. This basis then exceeds the scale value of 200 pieces, which is necessary to qualify for the higher discount.

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    Mar 05, 2008 at 10:57 AM


    Header conditions –

    Condition can also be entered at the header level. These are known as header conditions and are valid for all items. The header conditions are automatically distributed among items based on the net value. The basis for distributing the header conditions can be changed in the pricing procedure by the selecting the appropriate routine (e.g. Weight, volume) in the AltCBV (alternative formula for condition base value) field.

    Group Condition –

    In customising, you can set a condition type to be a group condition. The condition base value (e.g. weight) is then calculated as the sum of the individual items within one group.



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