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Loans management reverse direct FEBC

Dear Guru's,

Our customer is granting loans to private persons. They withdraw the money from their account via direct debit, however it happens that aren't sufficient funds available. In this they receive a few days later, a bank statement which creates an outflow of money. At the same time they want to reverse the customer open item. Based on the information I found this should be possible via BADI

FVD_REVERSAL_REASON, since it refers to the FEBEP table, however the system doesn't acces this BADI in case we active it and put a breakpoint in it. On the other hand we can't say. Reverse the posting directly in the set up of the bank statement, since we receive the error F5 538 (it is no possible to reverse the clearing, since there is an item which refers to a contract). This message couldn't be deactivated in a standard way.

Is there an alternative (except the possibility to reverse it manually)?

Best regards,

Wouter Vanhoutte

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2 Answers

  • Oct 27, 2016 at 08:59 AM


    I would expect that it can be done in bank statement processing. Just as incoming payments also are handled there.

    System should see that it is a returned debit, identify the reversed document (from FEBVW data) and start CML reversal in posting area 002.

    Kind regards,


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  • Nov 07, 2016 at 12:50 PM


    I checked this table an it is more and adminstrative table concering the bank acount information, like the SWIFT

    I have but in 2 seperate ways a breakpoint on the BADI FVD_REVERSAL_REASON : directly in the code breakpoint on my username and also via and endless loop.

    Since both options doesn't work, my conclusion so far as that I'm not getting into the CML module or there is a part of the customizing missing.

    I have done customizing under functions-> accounting -> reversal

    => defined 4 reasons for reversals

    => I have assigned almost 35 categories to each product type. If I want to reverse manually an incoming payment, via FNM3, i see the relevant CML document.

    I have defined account keys and accounts for receivables

    I have defined a BADI and a breakpoint, but I don't "reach" this breakpoint.

    I linked several operation for the different product types so that they are included in the clearing transaction like for instance operation 33, with "clearing category" incoming payment

    Best regards,


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