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Mar 04, 2008 at 11:33 AM

SAP - Lotus Notes Email


Hi all, I am an Abap developer and I am new to workflow…

Here are my scenerios....

1) send email to SAP useid + forward the email to Lotus notes( I already configured the auto-forwarding)

-Problem encountered

when using SBWP the recipient of the email was able to received the email(both SBWP and Lotus notes)i also check SCON and status was completed

but when I send the email using workflow only the SBWP receives the mail, upon checking the SCON, no data was log..i also checked the workflow and it was successfully executed..

is there something that needs to be configured in order to forward the mail which are executed using workflow?

2) send email directly to lotus notes.

-Problem encountered

Error when running the workflow..when I tried to checked all the bindings…I found out that

From task container to method….data was not passed even thought the bindings are available..

Can any one provide me a guide with my two requirements?

Thank u very much…