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Mar 04, 2008 at 07:27 AM

how to create internal table for a structure in BSP


hi ,

I have created a Structure in BSP.I want to create an internal table for that Structure. But in my coding ie.

<% data: begin of itab_1 .
                 include type zuvendstr.
                 data:end of itab_1.
                 data wa_str like line of itab_1.
                 loop at itab_1 into wa_str. %>
                 <td><%=wa_str-name%> </td>


In this zuvendstr is Structure ,wa_str is workarea and itab_1 is an Internal table.But it is showinng an error that itab_1 is unknown.But we cannot define internal tables for an Structure in Page Attributes.So,please resolve how to create internal table for Structure in BSPS