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Required default Output type in billing types

Required default Output type in billing types

As while doing the Billing we have to manually add the Output

Types. So I want to make Output Types as the Default

Output types in Billing Type. Please guide me who to do this settings

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4 Answers

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    Mar 04, 2008 at 05:44 AM

    Hi Bhanu,

    You can setup the output determination procedure, which works on the conditioning technique, same as pricing. This will help in automatic pricing determination in billing.

    Since you are able to manually add output type to invoie, i think output determination procedure is already done for you.

    You just need to maintain the output records for your output type by vv31 for billing type. This will help in adding the output type automatically to billing type.

    Hope this helps.


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    Former Member
    Mar 04, 2008 at 05:46 AM


    1) go to transaction VV31

    2) Select the required billing output condition type (generally RD00)

    3) Select the key combintion against which you want to maintian output condition records.

    4) Give the proper communication method after entering the ouput condition type. meaning the required printer name.

    5) Save it.

    Now you run a billing document and you will see the output type defaulting for your billing document.


    sadhu kishore

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    Former Member
    Mar 04, 2008 at 05:51 AM

    you can do it with Output Determination procedure

    Related setting as below

    Output Determination Procedure

    Output is a form of media from business to one of its business partners. The output can be sent to any of the partners defined in the document. Outputs are usually in the form of Order Confirmations, Freight List, Delivery Notes, Invoices & Shipping Notifications. Determining form of output is output determination

    Types of Output: Print Output, Fax, Telex, E-Mail & EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

    IMG  Basic Functions  Output Control  Output Determination  Output Determination using Condition Technique  Output Determination for Sales Documents & output determination for billing documents.

    Create Condition Table:

    Select the field Sales Doc Type from field catalog & Save

    Maintain Access Sequence: 4-digits code & description. Assign condition table to access sequence. Select Accesses line item and go to fields. It will display the fields that we have selected in the condition table i.e. sales doc type.

    Select BA00 & Copy & Rename. Give the same 4-digit code as given to acc seq.

    You Can Maintain:

    Languages of Output

    Partners (to whom we want to send output)

    Print Program- print specification

    Sap Script- layout

    Assign Output Types to Partner Functions:

    Go to new entries & assign your output type to partner functions.

    Maintain Output Determination Procedure: V10000 (Standard Procedure). Go to new entries & create your own 6-digit code with description. Select the procedure & go to Control Data. Here mention the output type i.e. condition type & leave requirement and manual only columns as blank.

    Determination Rule: link the 6-digit procedure code to doc types.

    Create Condition Records: Tcode: VV11.

    Select document type and click on Communication. Mention partner function, medium, time.

    Output device: LP01, Spool request Name: SD_003, Suffix 2: order confirmation & flag on print immediately.

    Once you press enter you will come across 2 key combinations:

    Sales organization/ Customer Number: fill SO, Customer No, Partner Function Abbreviation, Partner to whom the output should be sent, time, medium, language. {It contains: Sales Organization, Customer, Partner Function (The abbreviated form of the name that identifies the Partner) (During output determination, the system determines the recipient of the output from the master record for the specified partner function. In this field, you can explicitly specify a recipient that will override the standard partner. There must also be a master record for the partner that is specified explicitly.), Medium, Time & Language.}

    Order Type: Document Type, Partner Function (abbreviation), Partner, Medium, Time & Language.

    In SAP we can send the documents to respective partner functions through different transmission mediums. SAP uses condition technique to determine output relevant partners with relevant transmission mediums.

    Out put determination procedure has a integration with technical module, as ABAPer’s has to write SMARTFORMS and FORMS to print the output , that SMARTFORM output can be send to relevant partner function through relevant transmission mediums.

    Out put determination procedure for order confirmation: (V/57)

    a) Maintain condition table:

    IMG SD  Basic functions  Output control  Output determination  Output determination using the condition technique  Maintain out put determination from for sales document  Maintain condition tables

    Maintain out put condition table for sales document

    Here we define condition table

    Ex: 007 – order type (sales order types)

    Save it

    b) Maintain output types:

    IMG  SD  Basic functions  Output control  Output determination  Output determination using the condition technique  Maintain out put determination from for sales document  Maintain out put types

    Here we define out put types

    Ex: AF00 -- Inquiry

    AN00 – quotation

    BA00 – Order confirmation

    BA01 – EDI odd response

    KRML—Credit processing

    LP00 -- Scheduling agreement

    MAIL – Internal message

    RD03—cash sales invoice

    Choose BA00 copy it and rename as a ‘MA00’

    click on details icon

    click on display to change icon

    then again choose ‘MA00’ click on details icon

    Maintain data in general data tab

    General data tab:

    Access sequence: 0010(order type)

    In IMG define access sequence and assign to the output type

    Check access to conditions:

    This indicator allows the system to read the condition records for output. If it is not been activated then system determines out put from customer master ex: By following out put determination procedure “DB0001”

    Check cannot be changed:

    This control specifies whether the out put can be changed or not

    Ex: direct mailings can be changed during processing

    Check multiple issuing:

    This indicator allows the system to send the output multiply

    Ex: sales order has been sent for 10 items again one item has been added to sales order so that business has to issue the new out put for sold to party with added line items. This indicator allows the system to send out put repeatedly.

    Check partner independent out put:

    During output processing when the indicator has not set then system allows only specific functions in specific partner functions

    Don’t write processing:

    This indicator determines whether system has to write processing log for output

    Default values tab:

    Dispatch time:

    Ex: send immediately: when carry the application this indicator determines when the output should be sent.

    Transmission medium:

    Ex:  Print out

     Fax

     Telex

     Internal send

     EDI

     Simple mail

     Special function

     Events (SAP business workflow)

     Distribution (ALE)

     Tasks (SAP business work flow)

    Specify the transmission medium through which the output should be sent. (Ex: print output)

    Communication strategy

    Specify the communication strategy if you want to send the output externally

    A) Time tab:

    Check timing: (Periodic job not allowed)

    This indicator allows the system to carry out print program periodically.


    Print parameter: Ex sales org.

    Specify the print parameter.

    Click on mail title & Text control button under dialog structure.

    Here we assign title for the mail along with relevant text Ex:-EN (English)

    Processing routines control button under dialog structure.

    Here we assign programs form routines & form that are written by ABAPER, they they various transmission mediums.

    Ex; - Transmission medium shortest program form routine

    1 print out RVADOR entry

    Click on position function control button here we assign relevant partner function to relevant transmission mediums

    EX: print out: SP (Sold to party)

    C) Maintain access sequences:

    Here we define Access sequence.

    EX: 0010 & Assign the condition tables to this output.

    D) Assign out put types to partner function:

    Here we assign output types along with transmission mediums to relevant partner functions.

    EX: Out put type Transmission medium

    MA00 1

    “ 2

    “ 6

    “ A

    MAIL 7

    E) Maintain output determination procedure:

    Here we define output determination procedure

    Ex: V10000 - Order output

    V05000 - Inquiry output

    V06000 - quotation output

    V10001 - Cash sales output

    Choose output determination procedure EX; V10000, copy it& rename it as MA0000

    Assign output type MA00 by going control date section.

    Save it.

    F) Assign output determination procedures;

    Allocate sales document Header.

    _ Choose sales document type OR & Assign output determination procedure i.e. MA0000 & Assign output type MA00.

    Assign sales document items.

    -Choose item category TAN & Assign output determination procedure Ex: MA0000

    save it & exit.

    Maintain output records (VV11)

    Logistic  S&D  Master data  output  sales document  VV11 – Create

    Specify output MA00, Click on Key combination & specify sales document type (OR), partner function (sp) transmission medium (1) dispatch type (4) language (EN)

    Click on communication button on application tool bar

    Specify output device – LOCL or LP01

    Check print immediately check release after output --- Save it

    Go to Va01 raise the sales order

    Go to extra button output header edit.

    Specify output type: MA00 partner function

    Select line, click on communication methods

    Specify logical destination

    Check print immediately

    Check release after output

    Go back save it & exit

    Go to VA02, Go to Extras output header print preview

    Check out (order confirmation

    (ERROR: out put MA00 for partner cannot be processed)

    rewards if it helps


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    Former Member
    Mar 04, 2008 at 05:53 AM


    you need to maintain the condition record for the output type..

    T Code : VV31.

    maintain output condition for your output type.. with document type, commu str, media...


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