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Oct 19, 2016 at 12:20 PM

FB03 not display linked after SAP Content server upgrade


Dear colleagues,
we have problem in transaction FB03 on ERP system after we made SAP Content server upgrade.
We made the SAP Content server upgrade using Note „129352 - Homogeneous system copy with SAP MaxDB“, it means:
- Install SAP Content Server on the new system (Windows Server 2012, MaxDB, CS 6.50 PL6)
- Backup database on old system (Windows 2003 server, MaxDB 7.6, CS 6.40) and restore to the new system
- Reconfigure the content repositories in Tx OAC0 and Tx CSADMIN. We change ONLY „Version no.“ (0046 -> 0047) and „HTTP server“ (old hostname -> new hostname). It means every other setting/customizinng remains the same.
Everything seems to work fine after the upgrade, but we dicovered problem in tx FB03, which does not display linked documents.

Steps for problem reconstruction:
tx FB03 -> enter Document no./CompanyCode/FiscalYear -> menu: Environment -> Additional Assingments -> Object Links
A linked document (PDF in our case) should be dispalyed, but only new window „Document Viewer“ is opened and background remains grey. No error message or any other information appears.

Our investigation:
- http://<CS-hostname>:1090/ContentServer/ContentServer.dll?serverInfo is OK
- repository in Tx CSADMIN has green traffic light and has „running“ state
- We activate trace on CS side (FullTrace=1). The file „CS_Trace.txt“ was created, but is empty (size=0KB).
- We activate trace in tx SM59 for „SAPHTTPA“ RFC destination. The „dev_http“ trace file was created, but we don’t see any wrong message ( response is „HTTP/1.1 200 (OK)“).
- We try to debug the ERP system, but can’t find root cause of the problem (we are not skill ABAP developers)

We check many documents/blogs/notes on whole Internet but without suitable solution -> we need your help. Any suggestion wil be appreciated.

Thank you
Pavel Forst
basis team