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ML Post Closing and Inventory Value without 'Stock Coverage Check'

Nov 29, 2017 at 09:08 AM


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We have been doing ML settlement without 'stock coverage check' so far.

While analyzing the stock values, it is found that for certain materials, a very huge value were posted as price differences and hence showing a very high stock value, even though the stock quantity is 1 Ton (base unit).

I think it is because 'no stock coverage' was there and the system posted all the price differences to the available material quantity and hence a very high stock value.

How can we correct it now through an adjustment posting ?

From the next closing onwards, I will consider 'stock coverage check' also to avoid this situation.

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1 Answer

Pavan Kumar Arvapally May 08 at 06:20 AM


It is good that you already aware the reason why the huge amount was posted for.

This will happen during ML run, for correction, the only way is the re-run of Material ledger run.

If you want to distribute non distributed price differences you can use the deletion option of the PL quantity indicator then re-run of ML run.

Note: please think twice while taking the decision of re-run of ML, as it is having an impact on other areas also.

It is better to rectify the mistake in the next ML run.


Pavan Kumar Arvapally

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Thanks Pavan.

As you said, I will be careful from next period onwards.

But can I correct the already posted one by changing the price in the MR21 transaction ?

Best regards