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CR 2013: Coloring a whole row in the crosstab.

Nov 29, 2017 at 07:24 AM


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I have a crosstab that looks like the picture below

I have been unsuccessfully trying to color weekend days (which have suppressed data) for a while now, i am facing two problems:

1- if i color from the Crosstab format tab (Background color) i am unable to pass values such as if day = saturday/sunady then crcolor, the condition always goes to the else directly.

2- if i color each cell separately i am unable to color suppressed cells, they stay white because they are suppressed anyway.

Kindly assist.


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1 Answer

Abhilash Kumar
May 09 at 07:33 AM

Hi Ashraf,

Changing the font color to match the background color should do the trick.

The Background and Font formulas would be:

IF GridLabelAt("Day",CurrentRowIndex) IN ['Saturday', 'Sunday'] Then crSilver else crNoColor

In the formula above, replace "Day" with the field being used as the Row. Also, the field needs to be enclosed in double quotes just like in the formula above.


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