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Mar 03, 2008 at 07:25 AM



As I am new to SDN can anybody tell me how to assign points to the people in SDN?

Can anybody help on below questions with a view of fresher to software as well as fresher to BW …points assured for each question?

What are the use cases, mockups? Somewhere I find like developed new product requirements, specs, use cases and mock-ups? What does it mean? Give me some BW scenarios?

What are the requirement gathering sessions and who involve in those? In org who will tell us to develop cubes or ods and how would be the time constraints? Either client or leads?

As a BW consultant who will give the specs to us like which cubes to develop and which objects so on either the client/user or team lead? Will we do any R&D on those specs or simply use as it is? Plz help?

What are the daily activities of a BW consultant in the organization?

Where we involve in documentation and how frequently?

Normally will we have interaction with the stakeholders?

Where exactly we save the CSV files that client sent to us? Will we have direct access to the application server? If so what is the procedure to connect to it and use the files? Plz ignore am new to the field?

What if we delete a file in the application server?

What is a BW consultant role in testing? We involve only in the transportation or works on the testing server too?

What normally comes under postproduction support activities?