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Participant not getting created in SAP LSO

Oct 19, 2016 at 11:45 AM


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Hi Experts,

I am implementing LSO . I am able to create Course, Course Group and Event ( L, D and E Objects). But when we are trying to book a participant, it is not getting booked.
The system is also not showing any error.
The number range that I have maintained for object RP_PLAN with Subgroups $$$$, 01C, 01CP, 01NA, 01O, 01S are overlapping .

I tried using lso_pv00, lso_psv1 and also from learner portal but participant code is not getting generated. Also, relationship A025 is not creating. When I tried to book using learner portal, it gives a message "The participation request was submitted."

Can any one please suggest a solution so that a participant can be booked ?

Thanks and Regards

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1 Answer

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Former Member Oct 20, 2016 at 06:22 PM

Hi Biswa

Please check the number ranges are setup properly

If system is getting hang when some one try to book via portal or you try to book a participant via LSO_PSV1 this mean number ranges are missing.

check transaction


Object : LSO_CRP

Under Ranges

Number Length Domain : NUMC10

% Warning : 1.0

To - Year Flag : Uncheck

No rolling : Uncheck

Under Customizing :

Buffering : Main Memory Buffer

No. of Numbers in Buffer : 10

Click on Ranges on Top Menu Bar


No = 01

From No. = 0000000001

To Number = 9999999999

Please let me know if that works for you


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Former Member

Hi Syed,

Thanks for your reply. All the above configurations are maintained but still Booking is not possible.

In this project we have also implemented E-Recruitment and we have used the same number range for Object : RP_PLAN under $$$$.

Can you please suggest whether it is the reason for booking not possible since the same number range is being used ?

Waiting for your reply

Thanks and Regards