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Feb 29, 2008 at 07:36 PM

F110 Grouping Key Issue


I have 3 open items for a vendor - 2 credit memos (with 1000 and 600 amounts ) and one invoice (with amount 600). In the current situation, these items are not offset against each other as they have different payment methods, payment supplement code etc etc. The only common factor between these items is the company code and the vendor number.

And the current requirement is that, only these 2 fields - company code and vendor number need to be considered in offsetting the open items and all the other fields including the payment method etc should be ignored. So, after some research - I figured out that there is something called a grouping key that can be set in the configuration using transaction OBAP. I set the grouping key in OBAP. And this grouping key needs to be used in the vendor master screen for payments for that particular vendor so that all the other parameters will be overridden by this grouping key. FYI..I set this grouping key 02 to use only the vendor number.

Technically.. SAP says this should work. They also say that if it does not work, go and generate the program RSZGR000 as this program contains the respective code to make the payment run program understand that the grouping key is the overriding factor. So, I generated this program too and made sure the code exists. This grouping key is populated in the structure ZHLG1-PAYGR and the payment run program is supposed to understand that this is the overriding field for offsetting the invoices against credit memos. I debugged the payment run proposal and saw that it is populating this field in the structure.

So, I do all this and yet, my open items are not cleared using JUST the Company & vendor. It is still looking for the other fields like payment methods, supplment code etc.

I was looking up at the note 164835 and found that for automatic payment transactions the following fields need to be same for the documents that are being offset with each other: Currency, Receiver, Payment Mthod in the Item and Bank Details in the item.

I was assuming that once the grouping key is populated and used, all the other fields above should be ignored for offsetting.

Any help in this matter would be appreciated!!