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Feb 29, 2008 at 03:50 PM

Need some advise/recommendation for Federated Portal implementation (FPN)


Hi All

We are planning to have FPN. (Content federation)

What we have :-

Dual stack (ABAP+JAVA) systems like CRM,SRM, BI 7.0 and ESS/MSS running on ECC 6.0, and PLM R/3 systems.

Each of above R/3 systems have JAVA stack installed.

Now, we have two suggestions / choices given .

*Choice 1 :- *

We can run Potal (EP / EP Core) on each of JAVA stack to make them as a Producer Portals. i.e CRM,BI,SRM portals will become Producer portals connecting to Consumer Portal.

Install Business packages (BP) of respective R/3 system on respective host where application is installed, for example:- CRM BP will go on CRM Portal ..... SRM BP will go SRM portal.

Choice 2:-

Do not install portal (EP and EP Core) on individual JAVA stack, but create a Single Producer Portal ( Stand alone JAVA stack) and install all BP's of CRM, SRM, on this Single Producer Portal and this portal will connect to main consumer portal.

I want to know:-

What are advantages and disadvantages of above choices given?

As far as I know in choice 1 ( since we do have already JAVA stack installed ), I can run Portal on JAVA stack, thus reducing the requirements of additional Hardware. Easy for maintenance (not to worry about BP dependencies )

Can you please give any more advantages and disadvantages

like performance impact, Administration cost,Maintenance ?

Thank You,