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Feb 29, 2008 at 01:49 PM

Transportation plan date calculated in VA01


Hi Expert,

The business wants to deliver all goods existing on a sales order togheter even if we have different good issue dates per schedule lines, probably caused by the fact both sales order lines have different routes. Therefore the material, loading and transportation plan dates will also be different for each schedule line. I understand the system will split this sales order into more than one delivery, because the route is taking into account in the delivery split functionality. This is OK. On the other hand, I would like the system to show in VL10H all sales order lines form that sales order. This is possible to be done if the transportation plan dates from each confimed schedule line are the same, because VL10H takes into account the transportation plan date to show the sales order to be delivered. My question is, would it be possible to align the transportation plan date in both schedules lines via customizing or should I have to put on an EXIT? I have already tried via "Define Scheduling by sales order type", but not succesfull.

Thanks Marcelo.

See example below:

Line 10

Req. Del. Date: 19.03.2008

GI date: 05.03.2008

Loading date: 05.03.2008 05.03.2008 03.03.2008

Route: TNLN10

Line 20

Req. Del. Date: 19.03.2008

GI date: 04.03.2008

Loading date: 04.03.2008 03.03.2008

Route: TNLN11