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Feb 29, 2008 at 01:13 PM

Program RFBIBl00


Hello Everyone,

I am using RFBIBL00 program to post FI documents.

This program is used to create sessions and will be processed in the back groung it selt.

Presently we are passing the line items along with the tax calculations(separate line for ta data , system is not calculating the tax)

Structures BBKF and BBSEG is being used.

Now we want the system to calculate the tax.

Tax is calculated automatically if field BBKPF-XMWST is transferred with the value "X".

The data relevant to tax calculation should be transferred in the BBTAX structure. A BBTAX structure must be supplied for each tax code belonging to a posting key. You can also send a BBTAX structure for each tax-relevant line item. Transfer the BBTAX structure after the BBSEG entries. If you are using the direct input method for data transfer, you can transfer taxes only in this way.

The total tax amount can be entered on the customer or vendor screen.

You should transfer the taxes either in the new form or in the old form. If you mix the forms, a system error will occur.

*I need the exact procedure how to pass structures when we are selecting the option for automatic tax calculation.*

*What data exactly needs to be passed in BBTAX structure..*

Thanks in advance