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Feb 28, 2008 at 06:18 PM

AIR Drag and Drop between Windows


I can’t seem to get a simple use case to work:

I have an AIR app that has two <mx:Window> built as separate MXML components, one is called “DragSourceWindow” the other “DragTargetWindow”. Inside the “DragSourceWindow” is a canvas that can be dragged out of the window and dropped into the “DragTargetWindow”.


“Main AIR App”:



SVN Repo:

Inside each <mx:Window> are some trace messages to see what is going on:

1. When a DragManager.isDragging is true

2. When you drag into a drop target

3. When you drop an item into a drop target

However, once you drop the canvas into a window and mouseover it again the DragManager still thinks a drag is active.

I am using the release versions of FB and AIR.

What am I doing wrong?