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Former Member
Feb 28, 2008 at 02:54 PM

One Test Case - two status???


Hello all,

After pulling a report on yellow and red status test cases. I was informed that some of the items are actually green.

First I thought well that's becasue of a duplicate test case entry, but it's not. The test case itself does not repeat in the test plan.

What's even stranger is that when I enter the the package the case is in (through STWB_2) it does show up as green.

But when I highlight the test plan name and then click on status analysis it shows up as yellow. If I click on the status...I get a new window that identifies the test case is located under another scenario - not true. It is currently only in one local. I wonder if there's a behind the scene clitch there where it's pulling a historical view as well? Any thoughts?

Is there a way to fix this now? Or will it be fix in the new release, because the reports are wrong! And causing tremendous frustration.