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Former Member
Feb 28, 2008 at 02:39 PM

Transfer FI docs using IDocs (FIDDC2) and generate CO-PA


We are trying to transfer FI documents between systems using IDoc (FIDDC2) and we want to generate all documents based on the FI doc and we also need to extend the IDoc with some extra fields for CO-PA characteristic values (profit center,product group, customer group and geography). The transfer works fine, but we are not able to update profitability segment.

On the receiver system the FM AC_DOCUMENT_GENERATE is used to post the documents. The structure T_ACCIT_PA STRUCTURE ACCIT_PA is not used in the function call to AC_DOCUMENT_GENERATE, but our plan was to include. We have tried to single test the function module also filling the T_ACCIT_PA structure. We manage to generate the FI document but the profitability segment is not generated.

We also had an idea about trying to generate the CO-PA using a substitution and the FM COPA_PROFITABILITY_SEGMENT but we have not managed to create profitability segment with the characteristic values.